Enterprise companies may want to use AI advances in their business solutions, but government regulations may not let them, and for good cause. Sometimes AI developers have no idea how their creation came up with its conclusion, and so they can’t answer regulators questions of “why.” This AI, however, is working to reverse engineer the black box to understand what it’s doing.

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Some doctors are asking their patients to fill out an Alzheimer’s survey before coming in for care. This helps the doctor come to a faster diagnosis, when merited, and spend more time explaining what those conclusions mean. This group of students is using machine-learning to fine-tune the survey by finding which questions lead to more accurate diagnoses.

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Finding it impossible to locate that email from seven months ago where Julia mentioned some obscure preference? Sounds like you might need a smarter tool like this one.

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Your phone is likely with you more than any other piece of machinery, so why not use it to record, transcribe, and email out meeting notes? That’s what just part of what this AI can do for you. It also takes call logs and other relevant data and indexes them, making them searchable. If that weren’t enough, it also takes that data and makes suggestions and predictions based off of it.

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Microsoft 365 has an AI assistant that sends out meeting invites and fulfills other business needs when you copy it. Just use the trigger words and copy the AI assistant, and it will automatically set up that group meeting you emailed about.

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Sick of transcribing handwritten forms? If you beg your boss at the right time of the fiscal year, you just might be able to convince her or him that this tool will save your sanity.

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