Being a water-treatment worker is a behind the scenes job that hopefully has a little extra help from this tool, which pulls in tons of information from the plant to keep easier tabs on how well assets are running, and it can predict 50–70 percent of plant failures. Bonus, it’ll also offer suggestions on what can improve operations, hopefully saving time, energy, and water.

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Here’s a smart research team. Why not make an AI that successfully controls your physics experiment?

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fighter jet

If you take a highly experienced former air force fighter pilot and pit him or her against a combat AI, who do you think would win most of the time? I would lean AI, guessing 70-30 out of 100. But in this particular test trial, we all should have bet entirely on the AI. This combat AI shot down retired Colonel Gene Lee 100 percent of the time. Yup, he never shot the AI down. This both impressed and scared me at the same time.