Lots of people have gut issues. Is it safe to say most do? Either way, this AI takes a stab at helping you balance your biome by analyzing your biome (probably a sample of your poo) and offering suggestions for your nutrition.

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Keep note of this product. Some day, when you’re ready to build more muscle mass or lose weight, this app might be perfected enough to be your personal nutritionist. You could try it now, but it sounds like waiting for an improved version might be better.

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no smoking

Long past are the days when you could use numbers to argue, like the father of modern statistics, Ronald Fisher, that smoking doesn’t cause cancer. Now, with the incentive of Amazon credits, artificial intelligence can help you stop the addictive habit. By tracking with sensors and AI where and when you smoke, the AI “Cue” gives you positive incentives and reinforcement to stop opening that pack.

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