We take endless amounts of pictures, and it can take time to cull them of the pictures we don’t want, like duplicate and blurry photos. Now Zyl, a machine learning app, can reduce the time it takes you to go through your photos. And the nice part is it focuses on privacy, so it’s not using your photos to learn more about you.

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What makes this personal assistant special in the ocean new personal assistants? It keeps getting better as it learns your preferences, and if it doesn’t know how to handle your request, human teams train Fin how to fulfill your request next time. Let’s hope this pricey little personal assistant is worth the money its users pay for it, in light of free options.

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Our world changed forever with Siri, probably the most ubiquitous AI personal assistant, in October 2011. Occasionally, you’ll get some crazy responses from her, like when you say this phrase to it: “I see a little silhouetto of a man.” But it usually sticks to routine answers, providing you with the weather and the like. It’s such a powerful AI, that it even made its voice actress, Susan Bennett, famous. Siri opened up a whole new world for consumers.

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