Recommend and Defend

Our inner psychology is always trying to protect itself. Keep itself away from danger and embarrassment. It’s easy to pass the buck and let other people have the responsibility – so easy that often times we do it unknowingly. When you turn in a report or an analysis without any recommendations on what people should

Do We Have a Problem? How Big?

Sometimes, we stop just short of the finish line. The old adage is true that the last 100 meters are the most critical, but also the most riddled with failure. We spend hours on an analysis, working the code, making sure it’s right, and getting the visuals to look nice. And then we plop it

Get a Job in Marketing Analytics (Post 4): Clear Communication

Alright, you’re doing well. You understand the business questions and have the technical skills to figure out the answers. Now comes the part most analytical professionals (unfortunately) trip over.   Communication.   The work is not done until it has been successfully communicated to the people in the organization who need to understand it. Please