Top Four AI Podcast Episodes of August and September 2017, Plus One of Ours

With October coming to an end today and Halloween candy in abundance, we want to give you something to munch on that’s a little more nutritious—a little brain food. Here’s the recap of our four favorite AI podcast episodes (besides ours, of course) from August and September:   Six Pixels of Separation #580: Avinash Kaushik […]

Trump Tweet Competition

Data Crunch podcast and are cosponsoring a data viz competition that looks at Donald Trump’s tweets. If you’re a data delver or if you know people who are data delvers, send this info their way. Winners get to be interviewed about their findings by Data Crunch cohosts Ginette and Curtis on an episode. They […]

The National Water Model: Joan Didion’s “Holy Water” Essay Incarnate

As you watch the soundless video above, you may find this real-time flow of water mesmerizing. Joan Didion would. It’s her 1979 essay on water come to life. In her essay on water, she described her fascination with the journey water makes, something that most people don’t even think about. She guided her readers through the water path, tracing where it […]

How to Solve Problems with Simple Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics applies to a variety of business problems faced today, and more people are beginning to recognize its value. Businesses and nonprofits are using predictive analytics to answer real business questions like “What segment of potential donors will respond best to our message” and “Why am I losing customers, and how can I stop […]

Where and When to use Social Media to get Positive Nonprofit Marketing Return

The most common and fatal error that nonprofits make when attempting social media marketing is to think of social media as an additional source of funding. But social media is not a source; it is merely a means of communicating with and getting to the source. Forgetting this causes a lot of time and effort […]