Posted by Michelle Merrill 7/24/09 A lot of our friends on Twitter have recently asked us several questions regarding Google Analytics problems. This post will walk you through the steps to solve the following common questions/problems with sharing or moving Google Analytics data/profiles: • How do I install Google AnalyticsRead More →

Posted by Ryan Nokes 7/24/09 (Part 5 of 6) Continuing with our case study, we have tackled one hypothetical goal of We decided they wanted to focus on search optimization to drive targeted website traffic to their site and become the leader in wall art. They chose several keyRead More →

Posted by Ryan Nokes 7/21/09 (Part 4 of 6) We’ve been using as a hypothetical case study. In our last posts, we determined the following: Vision: To become the leader in the vinyl wall art business Goals: 1. Drive targeted website traffic 2. Build brand loyalty 3. Use competitiveRead More →

Posted by Ryan Nokes 7/14/09 (Part 3 of 6) In our quest to apply actionable marketing analytics to corporate visions, we’ve discussed creating visions and then linking them to objectives. Now, we are going to show how to tie the objectives into specific, measurable, key performance indicators (KPIs). In ourRead More →

Posted by Ryan Nokes 7/9/09 To turn a corporate vision into something more than just a nice plaque on the wall, you must tie your marketing efforts to your bottom-line. This means everyone in your organization understands how their contributions help move the company forward, achieve goals, and increase profits.Read More →

Posted by Ryan Nokes 7/6/09 The importance of getting your business on the same page is paramount: from top management to business divisions to internal office processes to individual employees. Lack of a unifying direction can lead to unexpected consequences. Stephen Covey, in his book The 8th Habit, performed aRead More →

Posted by Ryan Nokes 6/29/09 With brazen confidence, and maybe even a note of defiance, MC Hammer responded to reporters who asked him if he felt self-conscious about being a middle-age rapper at his recent Utah concert: “I’m the guy who went to the Tokyo Dome and sold out fiveRead More →