Old pictures

Machine Learning Can Fill in Holes in Your Pictures

Burmese temple affected by earthquake
Academia & Research

A Better Earthquake Detector

Fashionable men standing around
Entertainment & Culture

Sartorial Machine Learning Algorithm Helps You Find the Perfect Outfit

Person on cell phone

Smarter One-Tap Replies for Messaging Apps

Doctor with stethoscope slung over his neck

Machine Learning Helps You Monitor Asthma from Home and Reduce Visits to the Doctor

Lung xray

AI Helps Doctors Detect Earlier-Stage Lung Cancer

Girl with Green Hair

This AI Shows You What You’d Look Like with Blue Hair

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We started this project with one goal in mind: share with our listeners all the amazing and fascinating applications of artificial intelligence (AI) that we come across in our daily research, which we simply can't include in our podcast episodes. (The deluge of examples is too massive.) We now pull from over 200 AI-reporting sources. Our near daily updates to this AI applications collection include the most recent artificial intelligence innovations. But we also backdate and log the older applications we come across, and we include updates to previously included AI applications.

Through this effort, we hope it solidifies for you answers to questions like, What is AI? What can it do for me? How is it actually changing industries, ways of life, and the world in general? By searching through this collection and reading the articles we link to, we hope you gain deeper insights to these questions.

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