House devastated by earthquake

You feel the room shaking and ask yourself, “is that a truck going by?” But you start to realize it’s an earthquake. Before long, it’s over and you’re safe, but shaken. You keep thinking it would have been really helpful to get a notification before it struck.

What’s coming down the pipeline is an early-warning deep-learning system, created by The National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering under National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs), that aims to send you earlier earthquake warnings. It can predict, within three seconds, the magnitudes of oncoming earthquakes by detecting microseismic P-waves—high-speed waves people can’t feel but machines can detect.

water treatment plant from the air

Being a water-treatment worker is a behind the scenes job that hopefully has a little extra help from this tool, which pulls in tons of information from the plant to keep easier tabs on how well assets are running, and it can predict 50–70 percent of plant failures. Bonus, it’ll also offer suggestions on what can improve operations, hopefully saving time, energy, and water.

Photo by KAP Jasa on Unsplash