Cells are shown at a microscopic level

When you get sick, receptors on your T-cells generally identify the antigen causing you problems, and then your T-cells trigger your immune-system response. Unfortunately, this may go awry with situations like cancer, where your body doesn’t recognize the growth as a problem.

However, some researchers don’t think we currently know enough about the T-cell receptors, so they built an AI application called ImmunoMap. It built a map of the T-cell receptor’s gene sequence so researchers could find receptors that are similar to each other—in the hopes that receptors with similar shapes may recognize similar antigens and trigger an immune response in the body.

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scientist looking into microscope

It can be tough for researchers to easily find new drugs to test for curing illnesses because government funding doesn’t cover the drug hunt. But Atomwise’s deep-learning tool searches through research and identifies possible new drug candidates for researchers to try, saving them precious time.

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