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Investment firms would love to have a leg up on predicting how well companies perform, to avoid investment losses. That’s why these inventors developed this stock performance predictor prototype. Their initial expectations for it hovered at 33.33%. It turns out, it exceeded expectations by hitting 62% accuracy. Clearly this AI has more refining before it’s up to par—but it’s looking promising.

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There’s big money in making tools investment firms can use to better invest. This stock-picking AI, created by a hedge fund firm founder and a researcher at Amazon, is showing promise with 17.1 percent annualized returns—above the 14.4 percent from standard statistical models.

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With millions of financial transactions happening everyday, fraudsters can try to hide their actions in the deluge. But tools like this one are helping bankers identify their shadiness that much faster.

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You’ve heard of TurboTax and likely QuickBooks, and you may have even heard of Intuit, the company behind them both. Intuit (through QuickBooks) is seizing a unique opportunity to move into the small-business-loans space. Since its customers have given it access to lots of confidential business information, Intuit can use its AI to identify which small businesses would be good investments likely to repay a loan.

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