Toothbrush with toothpaste

For those of us who love a little feedback, there’s a toothbrush with the tech to teach us how to brush better. It’s a toothbrush that has several sensors that track your brushing habits, and over time it figures out your brushing patterns. All the information is sent to a pared device, and then it’ll give you personalized tips on better oral care.

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child playing with lots of little toys

Cozmo Update: Why does everyone love this little Cozmo AI robot so much? His personality is hard not to like, and we can thank an ex-Pixar employee for that. Parent company, Anki, knew what would make a robot endearing to adults and kids alike. And he’s even useful. He teaches kids how to code.

But this week’s update is about more. Cozmo can now teach how to use if statements, math operators, variables, function calls, and more. He dances when the lights go out, he’ll tell you a fortune when you shake him, and his blocks even act as your personal orchestra.

Also, he’s afraid of heights, as this video shows:

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child playing on tablet at table

You don’t have to schedule around your child’s math tutor’s schedule or wait for him or her to come and go or even reschedule when a night isn’t going to work for your family. This math tutor can help your kid anywhere, any time.

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