Top Three Artificial Intelligence Innovations This Week 1. Lying Under Oath Sometimes, it’s hard to say what makes you think someone is lying to you. Was it a slight flick of the eyelid, an almost imperceptible tremor of the lip, an ever-so-slight flush of the face? But when there’s moreRead More →

Our Top Three Picks 1. Translating Chicken Chatter Humans translating wild and domestic animal languages is not a new idea—this researcher, alone in the jungle, realized by deciphering monkey sounds that a leopard was tracking him—but now there’s an AI that can help, at least with chicken linguistics. It successfully translates certain chickenRead More →

Welcome to our new newsletter, where we learn about each week’s most interesting AI applications. Subscribe to the newsletter to get it with ease in your inbox. 1. Never mind fake news—let’s talk fake multimedia If you ate up this RadioLab episode like we did, you’ll get why this AI application—which convincingly changes videos takenRead More →

Eight maps showing prevalence of different vision problems in the U.S. by State

We recently spoke with two Baylor professors who created a machine learning smartphone app that can detect leukocoria in pictures, a symptom which is often an indicator of growing eye cancer. They opened this app up for a free download so anyone can check themselves or their family for leukocoria. I highly recommend gettingRead More →

Population in each corruption group

Data and maps have a way of opening your eyes. Did you know that Costa Rica is the only country in Central America that’s on the positive side of this corruption scale? Or that the only countries with extremely high corruption in the Western Hemisphere are Haiti and Venezuela? AndRead More →

Data Crunch podcast and are cosponsoring a data viz competition that looks at Donald Trump’s tweets. If you’re a data delver or if you know people who are data delvers, send this info their way. Winners get to be interviewed about their findings by Data Crunch cohosts Ginette andRead More →

As you watch the soundless video above, you may find this real-time flow of water mesmerizing. Joan Didion would. It’s her 1979 essay on water come to life. In her essay on water, she described her fascination with the journey water makes, something that most people don’t even think about. She guided her readers throughRead More →