Top Three Artificial Intelligence Innovations This Week 1. Lying Under Oath Sometimes, it’s hard to say what makes you think someone is lying to you. Was it a slight flick of the eyelid, an almost imperceptible tremor of the lip, an ever-so-slight flush of the face? But when there’s moreRead More →

Data Crunch podcast and are cosponsoring a data viz competition that looks at Donald Trump’s tweets. If you’re a data delver or if you know people who are data delvers, send this info their way. Winners get to be interviewed about their findings by Data Crunch cohosts Ginette andRead More →

As you watch the soundless video above, you may find this real-time flow of water mesmerizing. Joan Didion would. It’s her 1979 essay on water come to life. In her essay on water, she described her fascination with the journey water makes, something that most people don’t even think about. She guided her readers throughRead More →

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It can be grueling work to discover exactly what people want, particularly in the data field. People often don’t know what they need, or what analytics can do for them. Questions Are Critical As a data scientist, this is where you come in—and your task can be Herculean. You haveRead More →

For a long time, I’ve been looking for a podcast I could use to learn about interesting projects other data scientists were working on (along with other data science topics), a podcast I could easily listen to on my commute. But I could never find one. So I made one.Read More →

You would love to work in analytics. You could tackle lots of interesting and challenges. You could help people by solving their problems. You could change the course of your organization. The pay isn’t bad, either. But how do I get there? What should I be focusing on? What skillsRead More →

Having a blueprint to follow helps you see the big picture, stay on track, and know what to do next. Being by nature complex and time consuming, you need one if you are going to succeed in the field of analytics. Here is the thought process I go through forRead More →

In business, decisions matter. What product line should you choose to achieve the most revenue? What marketing campaign should you do to give you the highest ROI? What strategic moves should you make to take advantage of opportunities and avoid failure? Make the wrong decision, and the results could meanRead More →

Predictive analytics applies to a variety of business problems faced today, and more people are beginning to recognize its value. Businesses and nonprofits are using predictive analytics to answer real business questions like “What segment of potential donors will respond best to our message” and “Why am I losing customers,Read More →