Top Three Artificial Intelligence Innovations This Week 1. Lying Under Oath Sometimes, it’s hard to say what makes you think someone is lying to you. Was it a slight flick of the eyelid, an almost imperceptible tremor of the lip, an ever-so-slight flush of the face? But when there’s moreRead More →

Visual analytics is a large and growing industry. If you are a consulting firm, you may very well have a branch of the company that helps people understand how to use visual analytics tools, like Tableau or Spotfire. You may even offer specific training for these tools. If so, companiesRead More →

Having a blueprint to follow helps you see the big picture, stay on track, and know what to do next. Being by nature complex and time consuming, you need one if you are going to succeed in the field of analytics. Here is the thought process I go through forRead More →