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It can be grueling work to discover exactly what people want, particularly in the data field. People often don’t know what they need, or what analytics can do for them. Questions Are Critical As a data scientist, this is where you come in—and your task can be Herculean. You haveRead More →

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We respond well when people remember things about us—specific things, like our names or our birthdays or our favorite foods or our unusually fuzzy pet llama named Roberto. It makes us feel important. This same concept applies to data visualization. Your audience will care about your data visualization if you show youRead More →

For a long time, I’ve been looking for a podcast I could use to learn about interesting projects other data scientists were working on (along with other data science topics), a podcast I could easily listen to on my commute. But I could never find one. So I made one.Read More →

Our inner psychology is always trying to protect itself. Keep itself away from danger and embarrassment. It’s easy to pass the buck and let other people have the responsibility – so easy that often times we do it unknowingly. When you turn in a report or an analysis without anyRead More →

Doing something complicated with data is intellectually satisfying. It makes you feel smart, like you’re hacking the system or outsmarting the man. But sometimes this appeal to our intellect sabotages us because it blinds us to the simpler solution that gets the job done just as well and in aRead More →

Sometimes, we stop just short of the finish line. The old adage is true that the last 100 meters are the most critical, but also the most riddled with failure. We spend hours on an analysis, working the code, making sure it’s right, and getting the visuals to look nice.Read More →

As analytical professionals, we are people people. We do our work because we care about people. We want to help them make the best decisions they can. To help people, we need to understand people. And people have cognitive biases. In a series of posts, we will explore these biasesRead More →

Visual analytics is a large and growing industry. If you are a consulting firm, you may very well have a branch of the company that helps people understand how to use visual analytics tools, like Tableau or Spotfire. You may even offer specific training for these tools. If so, companiesRead More →

Knowing who is using your competitor’s software is extremely valuable. It gives you an idea of how strong of a foothold they have on the market. It gives you a list of specific companies that need your services. It tells you the talking points you need to win out overRead More →